Welcome to the URBAN MONK diaries

Urban Life. Enlightened mind.

Is it even possible to mention them in the same sentence? The two appear to belong to different worlds. How can the two co-exist?

Welcome to The Urban monk diaries – an adventure spanning many questions, many people and many lifetimes. It is an adventure that will refresh, renew and rejuvenate you.  Of course, there is some excitement.To finish the adventure, you will need to find a treasure. A treasure that returns to you, the keys to your freedom. The Urban Monk diaries offers you 100 clues to find it. Whether you discover the treasure in the first clue or the 100th or not find it at all is up to you. Yet, the treasure has been hidden in plain sight. Forever. Many before you have found it. But this time, the seekers start the treasure hunt from the heart of the city.

Start your treasure hunt now.

About me

I am not an environmentalist/ right-winger/ left-winger/ artist/modernist/ new age follower/ religious fanatic /cynic/skeptic/prophet/scientist/warrior/ romantic/ idealist/ priest/ preacher/…….

All I do is :

Travel light, breathe easy, stretch lazily, see clearly, love liberally, work joyfully, sing loudly, play fairly, forgive instantly, apologize readily, learn quickly, share generously, dream freely …in short, live fully

I live in Bangalore, India. Work, my travel interests and retreats keeps me on the move. If you are in town and wish to catch up over coffee, feel free to drop me a line  (urbanmonkdiaries@yahoo.com )

Book launch

Art camp

February 2012

The first part of the series (The adventure begins) was launched as a book at the World Book fair in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
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March 2012

Exploring the themes from the Urban Monk diaries adventure with Performing and visual artists in a day-long retreat.
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Video clip of the week

Watch this space for video uploads from the Art camp, Readers’ meet-ups and book fairs.

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